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Our Next CCW Class
March 25, 2017

Course Description: 

On March 23, 2015, the Ohio Concealed Carry laws relating to the minimum amount of training hours required by the Attorney General in Ohio, changed. The previous requirement was 12 hours. This has now changed to 8 hours. However, the content requirements of the course have not changed so the course simply must be given in less time. We, at Ohio Protective Services, have always taken pride in the Quality of our training, as our hundreds of successful students will attest to. The decision to carry a concealed, loaded handgun in public is one we know you do not take lightly. An Ohio Concealed Handgun License is not just a piece of paper: it is a responsibility. 

You want the best training by some of the finest and highly qualified instructors, in the business. Our instructors have military and law enforcement backgrounds as well as personal experience over the years and continually strive to enhance their knowledge and skills. They share their knowledge with the students to enhance the quality of the instruction. Your safety and the safety of your  are extremely important to us and we refuse to cut corners when we are talking about safety. 

We know you want to be TRAINED to defend yourself and your loved ones, not just meet the MINIMUM REQUIREMENT of training. We have always welcomed inexperienced students at Ohio Protective Services. We know your concerns and understand that you, as someone new to the shooting sports and/or self-defense, deserve personal attention and patience to help you achieve your goal. 

Therefore, we are offering a nine-hour class to meet your needs.

7 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of live fire at the shooting range.

In the class, you will be introduced to the practical and legal aspects of Concealed Carry along with two hand, strong arm, weak arm shooting plus much more.

Must be at least 21 years or older, legally allowed to own a firearm. 

Cancellation Policy: $25 reschedule fee-no refunds.

Handgun Rental Policy: $35.00 includes ammo.

Cost: $85 per person

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